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  1. We use story to count the floors of a building.
  2. The Big Apple is the nickname of New York City.
  3. A borough is division of a city.
  4. Condo is a shortened form of condominium, which is an apartment building in which all of the units are owned.
  5. Urban is an adjective which means related to a city. A city is an urban area.
  6. A suburb is a residential area which is located in an outlying area of a city.
  7. An apartment building contains any number of rented units.
  8. A backyard is the area behind a house, often surrounded by a fence.
  9. A lawn is an area of short, mowed grass.
  10. A shopping mall is a building containing a number of stores, including department stores.
  11. The countryside is the area away from a city, beyond the suburb.
  12. Rural is an adjective which describes the characteristics of the countryside.
  13. Hustle and bustle is a busy area, which usually has a lot of activity and noise (like the downtown area of a city.)