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  1. economy means the money system in a country.
  2. inflation is when prices increase, but the buying power of money goes down.
  3. figures means numbers.
  4. opening bell means the start of the trading day at the New York Stock Exchange.
  5. portfolio means a group of stocks and other similar items owned by a person or a company.
  6. bull or bear. When there is a bull market, the price of stocks goes up. When there is a bear market, the price of stocks goes down.
  7. interest rates means the percent of money you can earn when you keep your money in a bank account.
  8. stocks and bonds. A stock is a share in a company and a bond is an investment, usually from the government, that pays a certain percentage of interest.
  9. investments means a place to put your money where it can increase (or decrease) in value.
  10. advisor means a person who is a specialist in a certain field and can offer advice about that field.