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  1. sleep in means to sleep later than usual. When you sleep in, it’s your plan to do so because you don’t need to wake up early.
  2. oversleep means to sleep later than usual by accident. When you oversleep, you may be late for something.
  3. set means to adjust the time of a clock.
  4. wake up means to open your eyes after sleeping.
  5. get up means to stand up after sleeping, sitting, etc.
  6. take off means to remove your clothes.
  7. put on means to wear clothes.
  8. wash up means to wash your face, brush your teeth, etc.
  9. head to means to go to a particular place.
  10. turn on means to press or turn the “on” button of an electronic device, lamp, etc. (The opposite is “turn off.”)
  11. make means to cook or prepare a meal.
  12. take out means to remove something from a particular place.
  13. put in means to place something in a particular place.
  14. eat up means to eat something completely.
  15. clean up means to clean completely.
  16. do the dishes means to wash the dishes. (In British English this is called, do the washing up.)
  17. put away means to return something to its original or proper place or position.