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Make is an interesting word in English because it goes together with a lot of words to make idioms which are commonly used in conversation, as phrasal verbs are. Here are 12 of them

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  1. make plans means to arrange to do something with your family or friends.
  2. make noise means to be noisy.
  3. make an excuse means to give a reason for doing something (that you shouldn’t do) or to give a reason for not doing something (that you should do).
  4. make the bed means to arrange the sheets, blankets, and pillows after sleeping.
  5. make an appointment means to arrange a time and a place to meet someone, usually a professional person.
  6. make copy means to duplicate something.
  7. make an effort means to put your energy into doing something; working hard at something.
  8. make friends means to become friends with others.
  9. make money means to earn money.
  10. make a phone call means to telephone someone.
  11. make progress means to be working in a way which is getting you closer to completing the task.
  12. make time means to arrange the time to do something.