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  1. When you go on a date, you go out with a person that you are romantically interested in.
  2. When you bump into someone, you meet them by chance.
  3. Hang out means to spend relaxing or leisure time. (Remember, hang is an irregular verb: hang – hung – hung)
  4. When you are dating someone, you are in a romantic relationship with that person.
  5. When you are going out with someone, you are in a romantic relationship with only that person.
  6. When you propose, you ask someone to marry you.
  7. When two people are are engaged, they have a promise to get married.
  8. A wedding is an event that unites two people in marriage. A wedding includes the ceremony, which brings the couple together and the reception, which is the celebration of the new marriage.
  9. The bride is the woman on the wedding day.
  10. The groom is the man on the wedding day.
  11. The honeymoon is a vacation taken by a newly married couple to celebrate their new marriage.