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  1. wake up / get up. We use wake up to mean to open your eyes after sleeping. Get up means to stand up from the bed.
  2. get dressed means to put on your clothes.
  3. put on means to attach or put something like clothing or accessories on your body.
  4. check out means to look at something in order to get information.
  5. get ready means to prepare.
  6. head out means to leave.
  7. get on / get off We use get on (enter) and get off (leave) to talk about public transportation. Remember! If you can stand up (like in a train, bus, ship) you can get on or get off. If you can’t stand up (like in a car or taxi) you get in or get out of (the car).
  8. drop by means to visit for a short time.
  9. pick up means to buy.
  10. get to means to reach; to arrive.