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  1. ingredients means food combined to make a dish.
  2. chop up means to chop something into very small pieces. We often add up to a verb to mean “do that completely. So, “chop up” means chop completely.”
  3. slice means to cut something into even pieces…like, slice the bread.
  4. dice means to cut something into cube shaped pieces.
  5. turn up means to increase the intensity, heat, power, etc.
  6. turn down means to decrease the intensity, heat, power, etc.
  7. add means here to put in the ingredient(s).
  8. chopped means cut into pieces.
  9. stir means to move something in a circular motion using a tool or utensil.
  10. lid means the removable top of the pan or pot.
  11. boil means to reach a temperature where bubbles form and the liquid becomes vapor.
  12. crush means to make something flat or think by using force.