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Here’s what some of my students have to say

Fabrizio, ItalyFrom teacher to friend.                                                                Working for a very important automotive brand outside of Italy, I suddenly realized my English level wasn’t good enough for my role and like other millions of students I started to look for a school. Also traveling abroad strengthened this sensation. Then I took the first class, the second, the third…let’s be honest, regular classes are kinda boring and are filled with people from different levels so you don’t get the attention you need and there are many days wasted repeating the same stuff to people not willing to study.                                                                                                     To boost my learning I thought that listening to podcasts while commuting was a good idea. I opened Stitcher, the only podcast app available on my car, and I bumped into Michael’s podcast among others. He was able to get my attention with his style. Minute after minute, he was able to clarify many doubts I had just with the examples used in the lesson. Around  that time I travelled to New York often so I took the opportunity to meet him and I decided that taking some individual lesson could have solved my problems with learning this language. (fun fact: in the contact form I typed my email wrong and he got in touch with me through the podcast). Just with the small conversation we had, I got that he wasn’t the regular teacher.                                    Lesson after lesson I saw my English vocabulary grow along with my confidence. I took many classes and his approach was very friendly from the beginning. What surprised me the most, was the fact that after a small period of study from September to January, I made another trip to New York, my English was improved a bit during that time. It could be obvious, but basically all the native speakers don’t talk like we all studied on those horrible books and this is why I would choose Michael over every teacher. You will learn how real people talk and so you will be able to understand them. Also you will learn the correct grammar to be Abe to use it when needed.                                              Thanks to his classes I was able to understand native speaker, even from different neighborhoods, and if you went to New York you already know. After a short period of time English is not a problem anymore and I keep getting compliments from customers not believing I’m Italian, and not just for the fluency but also for the pronunciation. I can’t hide the fact that we became friends but I’d also like to underline that if you are serious about learning English you are in the right place. So stop wasting your time looking for the “magic” course and start taking classes with him. You will thank me later when you see a night and day difference.                                                                           p.s. if you follow my recommendation, you owe me a beer…

Mayumi, JapanMichael is an amazing English teacher with a passion for helping students enjoy learning English. Through private English lessons with him, not only have my speaking and writing skills improved, but also my world view was broadened. I really got a lot out of taking these lessons and practicing my English. Thank you so much for wonderful lessons, Michael!