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  1. Eat out means to have a meal in a restaurant.
  2. You make a reservation in order to hold space, like a table at a restaurant or a room at a hotel.
  3. A course is a set of dishes served at a meal in a particular order.
  4. An appetizer is the first course of a meal. It’s also called a ‘starter’ in British English.
  5. An entree is the main course of a meal.
  6. Dessert is the final course of a meal and is generally something sweet, like cake.
  7. Salad is a dish made up of lettuce and other raw vegetables.
  8. A side dish is served together with the main dish and usually consists of a starch (like potatoes or rice) and a vegetable.
  9. A tip, also known as a gratuity, is a small amount of money given as a reward for service.
  10. The check, also known as a bill, is a statement of everything you ordered at the restaurant.



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