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Welcome to the Confusing English Vocabulary Words Course. In this course, you will study 35 sets of English vocabulary words and phrases that are often confused in English. This English vocabulary is confusing for a lot of people because sometimes two different words in English, translate to only one word in another language, or vice-versa.

The course is divided into six different English vocabulary sections covering adjectives, adverbs, nouns, prepositions, and other vocabulary words and phrases. If you are unsure which English vocabulary word to use in which situation, this course is for you. Understanding this vocabulary and using it correctly will help you improve your English conversation and make yourself better understood when you use English.

Each section of the course has:

  • A preview quiz (where you can check your understanding)
  • Video Lectures
  • A review quiz (where you can check your progress)

In video lecture, there is:

  • An explanation of the use and meaning.
  • Example sentences showing how the vocabulary is used.
  • A summary of the key concepts.

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