American English Pronunciation Master Class

Make yourself better understood.

Learn & practice the pronunciation of

  • 16 American English vowel sounds
  •  12 American English consonant sounds

What you'll learn

Learn the correct American English pronunciation of the short and long vowel sounds A, E, I, O, and U,

Learn the correct American English pronunciation of vowel blends AWE, AH, & ER

Learn the correct American English pronunciation of Diphthongs OW, OI, and YU

Learn the correct American English pronunciation of the consonant sounds L, R, B, V, W, F, P, S, Sh, Ch & Th.

Understand how to set your tongue, lips, and/or mouth for this American English Pronunciation.

What's included

5 Hours on-demand video

75+ Lessons in Total

Quizzes & Review Exercises

Downloadable Resources (Mp3 and pdf)

Lifetime Access

TWO Great Courses In ONE



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You should be at the upper beginner to advanced level of English.

You should be able to speak and understand a basic level of English and understand written English.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for English learners who want to improve their American English pronunciation
  • This course is for students of all ages from middle school through adults.
  • Business professionals, students, new immigrants, and anyone else who needs to make themselves understood in English can benefit from this course.
  • This course is best for English learners and speakers at the intermediate to advanced level.
  • This course is good for those English learners who have at least a basic level of English fluency.
  • This course is not for native English speakers.
  • This course is not for complete beginner level English learners.
  • This course is not designed for children in elementary school or younger.

Course Description

Welcome to the American English Pronunciation Master Class

For the first time, you can now get my two most popular pronunciation courses together in this one Master Class.

In this course, you will learn the pronunciation of the most common vowel and consonant sounds in American English. Understanding and practicing the pronunciation these sounds will help you improve your English and make yourself better understood.

This course will help you make Your American English pronunciation sound more clear and natural.

  • Learn how to shape your mouth to pronounce these English sounds.
  • Recognize the difference between tricky sounds like:
    • cap vs. cop vs. cup
    • bit vs. bet vs. bat
    • rest vs. raced
    • beat vs. bit
    • L & R, Th & S, or F & P, and more!
  • Get structured practice speaking these sounds.
  • Make yourself understood in English conversations
  • Gain confidence in your American English pronunciation.

Improve Your English Pronunciation.

The sounds in American English are quite different from the sounds in other languages. Perhaps your native language doesn’t have the [ər] sound as in bird and earth, the [i] sound as in hit or kiss, [ch] sound as in “chicken,” or the [th] sound as in “thanks.” Maybe you’ve wondered how American English speakers move their mouth, lips, and tongue to pronounce the sounds in English. Well, you will learn all about how to correctly move your mouth for American English pronunciation, which will result in improving your accent in English.

For each of the vowel and consonant sounds, you will first learn how to shape your mouth. You’ll see a short video clip during the lecture that demonstrates how to make the sound. Then, you’ll practice the pronunciation of the basic sound itself, then words using the sound in various positions, and finally sentences and phrases that have words using those vowel sounds. Then there are exercises contrasting the various sounds and review exercises and quizzes to help you check your pronunciation and listening.

This master class is divided into two sections. Here are the details of what's include in each section:

Course Content

Vowel Sounds Section

Consonant Sounds Section



$98     52% off
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