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  • Listen to the conversation.
  • Write down what you hear in the in the box below.
  • Click the [x_highlight type=”dark” style=”text-shadow: none; color: white; background-color: #3974d2;”]CHECK IT[/x_highlight] button to see the transcript.

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  1. on [someone’s] mind: When you have something that you are thinking about, it is on your mind.
  2. camp out : is another way to say, go camping. Let’s camp out this weekend!.
  3. Gee : is a conversational phrase used as a filler or pause, like “well.” Gee was often used in the mid 20th century, although people still use it nowadays.
  4. talk [someone] out of [something]: When you talk someone out of something, you persuade them to change their thinking/plans.
  5. Holy cow! : is another conversational phrase meaning “wow” or “oh my God.”