Reading Practice – The Dumb Robber

Part 1 – Key Vocabulary

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Nab (v) means to catch someone doing something wrong

  1. The bank robber was nabbed by the police yesterday morning.
  2. I nabbed my dog chewing my slippers

Unwittingly (adv) means without knowing the facts; unintentionally

  1. I unwittingly told my boss my plans to take a day off tomorrow.
  2. Jane unwittingly let someone see her inputting her PIN at the ATM.

Comply (v) means to do as you are told

  1. All employees need to comply with the company policy.
  2. If you don’t comply with the traffic laws, you’ll get stopped by the police.

Acquiesce (v) means to accept doing something you don’t want to do.

  1. The boss acquiesced to the worker’s demand for a pay raise.
  2. Jack’s mom acquiesced and allowed him to drive her car to the mall.

Flee (v) [flee, fled, fled] means to escape from danger or from someone.

  1. The people fled from the burning building.
  2. The police need to be careful not to let the bad guys flee.

Practice the Vocabulary

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    Part 2 – Read the Story

    Suspect In Bank Robbery Captured In Taxi By Police

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    Yesterday, local police nabbed a suspected bank robber from East Islip, a suburb of NYC, with help from the taxi company that had unwittingly provided his getaway car. Police said Clenzo Thompson, 53, took a taxi cab to a Bank of America branch yesterday afternoon about 2:40 PM and gave the teller a note demanding cash. But the teller didn’t comply and Thompson left and got back into the waiting cab.

    Thompson then asked the driver to take him to a TD bank and at about 3 PM he went in and again handed the teller a note demanding cash, police said. This time the teller acquiesced, and Thompson got into the waiting cab and fled with the money.

    Meanwhile the police who responded to the first robbery attempt were interviewing witnesses and had identified the cab company. Police officers called the dispatcher from the taxi company who found the cab using GPS information. The company gave the officers the taxi location and they found the cab and arrested Thompson a few minutes later. Police said the cab driver was unaware that his customer had robbed one bank and tried to rob another. Thompson had simply told the driver he was having a problem with his accounts at the two banks.

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