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Make is an interesting word in English because it goes together with a lot of words to make idioms which are commonly used in conversation, as phrasal verbs are. Here are 12 of them

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  1. Do the dishes means to wash the dirty dishes (in British English the say, “do the washing up.”)
  2. Do the laundry means to wash and dry clothes.
  3. Do homework means to complete your homework assignments.
  4. Chores mean jobs you need to do around the house, like cleaning, laundry, repairs, etc.
  5. Do damage is a more casual and conversational way of saying, “cause damage.”
  6. Do (one’s) best When you do your best, you use your energy and effort in order to succeed.
  7. Do your hair means to style your hair.
  8. Do your makeup means to apply makeup to your face.
  9. Do research means to conduct research.
  10. Do an experiment means to conduct an experiment.
  11. Do a great job means to excel at something.
  12. Do work means to work on something or work on doing something.