Reading Practice – The $5 Million Dog

Part 1 – Key Vocabulary

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Pamper means to give a lot of care, love, and attention, usually toward a pet, but sometimes toward a romantic partner.

  • Joe pampered his dogs with lots of toys and treats.
  • The millionaire’s wife had a very pampered life.

Will and testament / Will is a document that has instructions for where your money or property will go when you die. The full, legal name is will and testament. The commonly used name is just will.

  • Nobody knows why grandma’s name was not written in grandpa’s will and testament.
  • Jack is rich because his uncle left a lot of money for him in his will.

A trust is a legal arrangement where someone’s money and property is held and managed by another person.

  • A lot of rich kids have a trust set up by their parents.
  • Jane got a lot of money from a car accident she was in as a child, and the money was put in a trust for her until her 21st birthday.

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    Part 2 – Read the Story

    The $5 Million Dog

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    This is the story of a truly pampered pet. It’s Lulu, an 8-year-old border collie. She was loved by her owner and when he died, his last will and testament made Lulu a very wealthy dog. Lulu, who enjoys being the watchdog outside of her home in Nashville, is now able to afford to hire her own security dog!

    “Yes, she’s a good girl,” said 88-year-old Martha Burton, who is Lulu’s caretaker now. Martha has taken care of Lulu for several years because the dog’s owner, businessman Bill Dorris, was always on the road and Bill wanted Lulu well cared for while he was away. Then, late last year 84-year-old Bill, an unmarried, successful businessman, died. After his passing, it was discovered that he left money for Lulu in his will. In fact, it was enough money to pay for more dog food and treats than any dog could possibly imagine. “Oh yes. He loved that dog,” Martha told reporters.

    According to the will, $5 million was to be transferred to a trust to be formed upon Bill’s death for Lulu’s  care. This trust is to provide for all the needs of Lulu, who will remain in the possession of Martha Burton, who will be paid by the trust for reasonable monthly expenses. Martha was surprised and said that she honestly didn’t really know what to think about the situation. “He just really loved the dog,” Martha said.

    It’s not exactly clear how much money Bill had left behind, but according to his friends, he owned a lot of real estate and investments. Martha says she doesn’t know anything about all of that. What she does know, is that Lulu is happy and loved. Martha says she has no plans to buy a solid gold dog bowl or diamond collar. She knows there’s no way they could ever spend $5 million on Lulu but joked that she wouldn’t mind trying. It’s not clear what will happen to any money left in the trust when Lulu, who is 8 years old, someday passes away. That’s what you call one lucky dog!

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