Reading Practice – Rare Lobster Saved From Becoming Dinner

Part 1 – Key Vocabulary

To be known for When we say that a place (or person) is know for something, it means that the place (or person) is famous for something.

  • New York City is known for pizza.
  • Johnny Depp is known for Pirates of the Caribbean.

End up We use end up to talk about the result of something.

  • We took a hike and ended up at the top of a hill with a gorgeous view.
  • I hope that our negotiations to buy the house end up successful.

Perk A perk is a benefit or an advantage that you receive from belonging to a certain group

  • One perk of working in this company is the free coffee and bagels every morning.
  • I use this mileage credit card because it has a lot of perks.

Turn up This is a phrasal verb that means to appear or arrive.

  • When Jack turned up late for work the boss was angry.
  • The trains in my town always turn up on time

Spot Here, spot is used as a verb meaning to notice or recognize something.

  • We spotted several deer on our hiking trip.
  • It’s not easy to spot someone in a crowded train.

Practice the Vocabulary

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    Part 2 – Read the Story

    Rare Lobster Saved From Becoming Dinner

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    The restaurant chain Red Lobster is known for having a big tank in the front of each of its locations full of lobsters. Typically, these animals are destined to end up on someone’s dinner plate, but that wasn’t the case for one lobster in Virginia.

    Actually. being a rare specimen can have its perks. The lobster we’re talking about is also referred to as one of the rarest lobsters in the world. That made it even more of a surprise when it turned up at a Red Lobster in Manassas, Virginia, which is about 45 minutes west of Washington D.C..

    Fortunately, the lobster was spotted while it was still alive and it was rescued from being served as dinner. The animal, which has been nicknamed Freckles due its appearance, is a calico lobster. These sorts of lobsters are named for the spotted design that appears on their shell and only occur in about “one in every 30 million” lobsters.Freckles has been donated to the Virginia Living Museum for its lobster display.

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