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  • the big cheese : The big cheese is the boss, company VIP or another important person in a group.
  • a piece of cake : Something that is a piece of cake is very easy or easy to do.
  • chew the fat : When you chew the fat you have a casual conversation.
  • bring home the bacon : Bring home the bacon means to earn money to support your family.
  • clam up : When you clam up you hold back from speaking. You don’t say anything, even though you want to speak.
  • use your noodle : When you use your noodle, you use your brain to come up with an idea or to think of the solution to a problem.
  • bite the bullet : When you bite the bullet, you accept a very negative situation without complaining or arguing.
  • take the cake : When something (or someone) takes the cake it is a very extreme or the worst situation possible.