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    1. Hello teacher,

      According to this sentence, “In fact, almost all of the seats were taken, except a few middle seats, which have no room!”

      My questions are….
      1. A few middle seats were fully taken, right?
      2. Can I use both “have no room and had no room”?

      Thank you so much.

    2. Author

      Hello Si,
      Thanks for asking.

      “almost all of the seats were taken, except a few middle seats” means “except for a few middle seats, almost all of the seats were taken.” The meaning is, some middle seats were not taken; they were available.

      To your 2nd question, about the grammar, yes, both are possible.
      “….the middle seats, which have no room.” means in general, those seats have no room.
      “….the middle seats, which had no room.” means at that particular time, those seats had no room.

      I hope that’s helpful!
      Regards, Michael

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