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So vs. Such

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Common mistakes

  1. (NG) It’s so nice day.
    1. (OK) It’s such a nice day.
  2. (NG) That mountain is such beautiful.
    1. (OK) That mountain is so beautiful.

Grammar words and phrases in context

I had such a nice time at Jack’s party last night. There were so many of my friends there and they were playing such nice music. Of course, the food was so delicious. That’s because Jack is a professional chef!

We use so before an adjective to mean very or quite. The structure is so followed by an adjective. You can say things like “so warm,” or “so nice,” or “so interesting.”

  1. It was so warm today that I saw people walking on Broadway wearing just T‐shirt.
  2. It was so cold last winter in New York.
  3. I’m so happy that you’re studying with me here.

We use such before nouns and noun phrases to mean very or quite. The structure is such followed by a noun or prepositional phrase. You can say things like “such a nice day,” “such a fun party,” or “such a gentleman!”

  1. This has been such a busy week at work.
  2. We had such a mild winter last year.
  3. My sister Lori is such a busy person.