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American English Consonants Pronunciation Practice

Learn & practice the pronunciation of 12 American English consonant sounds to make yourself better understood.

What you’ll learn

Learn how to pronounce the English consonant sounds L, R, B, V, W, F, P, S, Sh, Ch & Th.

Understand how to set your tongue, lips, and/or mouth for this American English Pronunciation.

What’s included

2.5 Hours on-demand video

21 Downloadable Resources

Lifetime Access



 $49.99     80% off

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You should be at the upper beginner to advanced level of English.

You should be able to speak and understand a basic level of English and understand written English.


Welcome to the American English Pronunciation Practice – Consonant Sounds Course. Over 1,000 students have improved their pronunciation here! In this course, you will learn the pronunciation of the 12 most common consonant sounds in American English. Understanding and practicing the pronunciation of these sounds will help you improve your English and make yourself better understood.
This course will help you make your American English pronunciation sound more clear and natural.

Learn how to shape your mouth to pronounce these English sounds.

Recognize the difference between tricky sounds like L & R, Th & S, or F & P.

Get structured practice speaking these sounds.

Make yourself understood in English conversations

Gain confidence in your English pronunciation.

Improve Your English Pronunciation.
The consonant sounds in English are quite different from the consonant sounds in other languages. Perhaps your native language doesn’t have the Ch sound as in “chicken,” or the Th sound as in “thanks.” Maybe you’ve wondered how native English speakers move their mouth, lips, and tongue to make the sound of English. Well, you will learn all about how to correctly move your mouth to pronounce English which will result in reducing your non-English accent.
For each of the consonant sounds, you will first learn how to shape your mouth. You’ll see a short video clip during the lecture that demonstrates how to make the sound. Then, you’ll practice the basic sound itself, then words using the sound in various positions, and finally sentences that have words using those consonant sounds. Then there are exercises contrasting two of the sounds, like B & V or S and Sh.
In addition, in each section of the course, there are some practice exercises which are stories that have lots of the target words in them. Finally, to help you check your understanding and progress, each section has a listening quiz which is based on the consonants you studied.

Who this course is for:

This course is for English learners who want to improve their American English pronunciation
This course is for students of all ages from middle school through adults.
Business professionals, students, new immigrants, and anyone else who needs to make themselves understood in English can benefit from this course.
This course is best for English learners and speakers at the intermediate to advanced level.
This course is good for those English learners who have at least a basic level of English fluency.
This course is not for native English speakers.
This course is not for complete beginner level English learners.
This course is not designed for children in elementary school or younger.

Course Content

6 sections • 36 lectures • 2h 16m total length

▸ Course Introduction and Key Points    ➢   1 lecture ●  2min

Course Introduction & Welcome

▸ Consonant Sounds L and R     ➢   5 lectures ●  22min

The L Sound Practice
The R Sound Practice
L& R sounds Minimal Pairs Practice
Extra Practice for L & R – Read this story: Lenny’s Llama Ranch
L & R Listening Quiz

▸ Consonant Sounds B and V     ➢   5 lectures ●  21min

The B Sound Practice
The V Sound Lecture
B & V Sounds Minimal Pairs Practice
Extra Practice for B & V – Read this story: The Biscuits of Vic the Baker.
B & V Listening Quiz

▸ Consonant Sounds W and V     ➢   4 lectures ●  15min

The W Sound Practice
W & V Sounds Minimal Pairs Practice
Extra Practice for W & V – Read this story: Vinny Works for VW
W & V Listening Quiz

▸ Consonant Sounds F and V   ➢   4 lectures ●  15min

The F Sound Practice
F & V Minimal Pairs Practice
Extra Practice for F & V – Read this story: Fred Veddy
F & V Listening Quiz

▸ Consonant Sound P and F (and) P and B     ➢  6 lectures ●  15min

The P Sound Practice
P & F Minimal Pairs Practice
Extra Practice for P & F – Read this story: Famous Pigs
Extra Practice for P & B – Read this story: Peanut Butter
P & F Listening Quiz
P & B Listening Quiz

▸ Consonant Sounds S & Sh     ➢   5 lectures ●  23min

The S Sound Practice
The Sh Sound Practice
S & Sh Minimal Paris Practice
Extra Practice for S & Sh – Read this story: Sally, The Super Shell Shucker
S & Sh Listening Quiz

▸ Consonant Sound Ch     ➢   4 lectures ●  16min

The Ch Sound Practice
Ch & Sh Minimal Pairs Practice
Extra Practice for Ch & Sh – Read this story: Chuck’s Chicken
CH & Sh Listening Quiz

▸ Consonant Sound Th (Voiced & Unvoiced)     ➢   5 lectures ●  21min

The Voiced Th Sound Practice
The Unvoiced Th Sound Practice
Th & S Minimal Pairs Practice
Extra Practice for Th & S – Read this story: Thirty-Third Street
Th & S Listening Quiz

▸ Closing & Bonus Lectures     ➢   4 lectures ●  4min

End of course message
Bonus Lecture #1 – Companion eBook
Bonus Lecture #1 – T is pronounced like D
Bonus Lecture #3 – How to pronounce the Y consonant sound



 $49.99     80% off




 $49.99     80% off




 $49.99     80% off




 $49.99     80% off

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