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Learn 120 Phrasal Verbs in American English

Learn to Use 120 American English Phrasal Verbs to Help You Speak More Naturally

What you’ll learn

By the end of this course, you’ll know 120 phrasal verbs, what they mean, and how they are used.

What’s included

2.5 Hours on-demand video

12 Articles

5 Downloadable Resources

Lifetime Access



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You should be at the upper beginner to advanced level of English.

You should be able to speak and understand a basic level of English and understand written English.


Welcome to the 120 Phrasal Verbs Course. In this course, you will learn the meaning and usage of 120 common phrasal verbs in English.
A phrasal verb is a combination of a verb & a preposition used as an idiom, like “put out.” Put is the verb, and out is the preposition. In everyday English, especially conversational English, we prefer using phrasal verbs. Both of the following sentences are correct, but the first one is more commonly used: Please put out your cigarette. Please extinguish your cigarette.
The course is divided into different sections, each one focusing on about 10 phrasal verbs. Each lecture will cover 3 to 4 Phrasal verbs and there is a summary of the key concepts and the end of each lecture. For each phrasal verb that you study, there is:

An explanation of the meaning and usage.
A reminder of whether the phrasal verb is separable or not separable.
Four (4) example sentences showing how the phrasal verb is used.

To help you learn and master these phrasal verbs, this course has:

Video lectures
12 Quizzes
Practice Exercises
Downloadable pdf files and mp3 audio files that you can use to study and practice anywhere.

By learning phrasal verbs you’ll sound more natural when you speak English and you will better understand what native speakers say when they talk with you.

Who this course is for:

This course is for students who want to learn American English Phrasal Verbs (sometimes these are different from British English)
This course is for students of all ages from middle school through adults.
Business professionals, students, new immigrants, and anyone else who needs to make themselves understood in English can benefit from this course.
This course is good for anyone taking the TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, EIKEN, STEP, or other similar English exams and tests.
This course is best for English learners and speakers at the upper beginner to advanced level.
This course is good for those English learners who have at least a basic level of English fluency.
This course is NOT for native English speakers.
This course is NOT for complete beginner level English learners.
This course is NOT for children in elementary school or younger.

Course Content

▸ Course Introduction and Key Points    ➢   2 lectures ●  10min

Course Introduction & Welcome
Key Points About Phrasal Verbs

▸ Phrasal Verbs 1 ~ 10     ➢   4 lectures ●  12min

Back Away, Back Up (1) & Back Up (2)
Block Off, Bounce Off, Break Down (1) & Break Down (2)
Break In, Break Into (1), & Break Into (2)
Quiz #1 (Phrasal Verbs 1 ~ 10)
Practice Exercise #1

▸ Phrasal Verbs 11 ~ 21     ➢   4 lectures ●  13min

Break Out (Of), Break Up (with), Bring Down, Bring Up (1), &
Bring Up (2) Brush Up On, Butt In, & Butt Into
Call Back, Call Off, Call On, & Call Up
Quiz #2
Practice Exercise #2

▸ Phrasal Verbs 22 ~ 31     ➢   4 lectures ●  12min

Calm Down, Cheer Up, Clam Up, & Clean Up
Clear Up, Count On, & Cut Down On
Cut out, Drag On, & Dress Up
Quiz #3 (Phrasal Verbs 22 ~ 31)
Practice Exercise #3 (Phrasal Verbs 22 ~ 31)

▸ Phrasal Verbs 32 ~ 41     ➢   4 lectures ●  12min

Drop By, Drop Off, & Eat Out
Fall Through, Figure Out, Fill In, & Fill Out
Fill Up, Find Out, & Flip Out (Over)
Quiz #4 (Phrasal Verbs 32 ~ 41)
Practice Exercise #4 (Phrasal Verbs 32 ~ 41)

▸ Phrasal Verbs 42 ~ 51     ➢   4 lectures ●  12min

Freak Out, Get Away (From), Get Into, & Get Out Of
Give Away, Give In (Into), & Give Up
Go Over, Go Under, & Grow Up
Quiz #5 (Phrasal Verbs 42 ~ 51)
Practice Exercise #5 (Phrasal Verbs 42 ~ 51)

▸ Phrasal Verbs 52 ~ 61     ➢   4 lectures ●  12min

Hang Around (Out), Hang On (to), & Look Down On
Hold Back, Hold On (For), & Hold On To
Hook Up (With), Keep On, Kick Back (At), & Kick Off
Quiz #6 (Phrasal Verbs 52 ~ 61)
Practice Exercise #6 (Phrasal Verbs 52 ~ 61)

▸ Phrasal Verbs 62 ~ 71     ➢   4 lectures ●  11min

Look For, Look Forward To, Look Into, Look Like
Look Out For, Look Over, Look Up To
Luck Out, Make Up (With), Mix Up
Quiz #7 (Phrasal Verbs 62 ~ 71)
Practice Exercise #7 (Phrasal Verbs 62 ~71)

▸ Phrasal Verbs 72 ~ 82     ➢   4 lectures ●  12min

Mull Over, Pick Out, Pick Up, Pop Up
Put Away (1), Put Away (2), Put Down
Put Off, Put On, Put Out (1), Put Out (2)
Quiz #8 (Phrasal Verbs 72 ~ 82)
Practice Exercise #8 (Phrasal Verbs 72 ~82)

▸ Phrasal Verbs 83 ~ 91     ➢   4 lectures ●  10min

Put Together, Put Up, Put Up With
Ramp Up, Rule Out, Run Away (From)
Run Into (1), Run Into (2), Run Out Of
Quiz #9 (Phrasal Verbs 83 ~ 91)
Practice Exercise #9 (Phrasal Verbs 83 ~91)

▸ Phrasal Verbs 92 ~ 101     ➢   4 lectures ●  10min

Run Over (1), Run Over (2), Show Up, Sleep In
Sort Out, Stick To, Take After
Take Apart, Take Back (1), Take Back (2)
Quiz #10 (Phrasal Verbs 92 ~ 101)
Practice Exercise #10 (Phrasal Verbs 92 ~101)

▸ Phrasal Verbs 102 ~ 111     ➢   4 lectures ●  11min

Take Off (1), Take Off (2), Take Out (Of), Tell Off
Think Over, Think Up, Throw Away
Try On, Turn Away, & Turn Back
Quiz #11 (Phrasal Verbs 102 ~ 111) 1
Practice Exercise #11 (Phrasal Verbs 102 ~111)

▸ Phrasal Verbs 112 ~ 121     ➢   4 lectures ●  10min

Turn Down (1), Turn Down (2), Turn Off
Turn On, Turn Out, Turn Up (1), & Turn Up (2)
Use Up, Wipe Off, & Work Out
Quiz #12 (Phrasal Verbs 112 ~ 211)
Practice Exercise #12 (Phrasal Verbs 112 ~121)

▸ Final Thoughts!     ➢   1 lecture ●  2min

Closing lecture (including a useful study tip) PLUS all the downloadable files.



 $49.99     80% off




 $49.99     80% off

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 $49.99     80% off

Learn More



 $49.99     80% off

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