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Learn 75 Confusing English Vocabulary Words

Learn to distinguish 35 sets of similar, confusing English Vocabulary words and phrases

What you’ll learn

By the end of this course you’ll understand the meaning and usage of 75 commonly confused English Vocabulary words

What’s included

2 Hours on-demand video

4 Downloadable Resources

Lifetime Access


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You should be able to speak and understand a basic level of English and understand written English.

You should know basic, everyday English Vocabulary


Welcome to the 75 Confusing English Vocabulary Words Course. In this course, you will study 35 sets of English vocabulary words and phrases that are often confused in English. This English vocabulary is confusing for a lot of people because sometimes two different words in English, translate to only one word in another language, or vice-versa.
The course is divided into seven different English vocabulary sections covering adjectives, adverbs,  nouns, prepositions, and other words and  phrases.
If you are unsure which English vocabulary word to use in which situation, this course is for you. Understanding this vocabulary and using it correctly will help you improve your English conversation and make yourself better understood when you use English.
For each set of English vocabulary words, there is:

An explanation of the use and meaning.
Example sentences showing how the vocabulary is used.
A summary of the key concepts.

This course contains video lectures and quizzes to help you learn and master these English vocabulary words. In addition to the video lessons, you’ll receive downloadable pdf files  and mp3 audio files that you can use to study and practice anywhere.

Who this course is for:

This course is for those who want to better understand similar and confusing English Vocabulary words and phrases.
This course is for students of all ages from middle school through adults.
Business professionals, students, new immigrants, and anyone else who needs to make themselves understood in English can benefit from this course.
This course is best for English learners and speakers at the upper beginner to advanced level.
This course is good for those English learners who have at least a basic level of English fluency.
This course is NOT for native English speakers.
This course is NOT for complete beginner level English learners.
This course is NOT for children in elementary school or younger.

Course Content

8 sections • 40 lectures • 2h 11m total length

▸ Course Introduction and Key Points    ➢   1 lectures ●  1min

Course Introduction & Welcome

▸ Confusing Adjectives     ➢   5 lectures ●  18min

Preview Quiz – 11 Questions
Bored vs. Boring (ED & ING Adjectives)
Convenience vs. Convenient
Fun vs. Funny
Good vs. Well
Pretty vs. Beautiful vs. Cute
Review Quiz  – 11 questions

▸ Confusing Adverbs ➢   5 lectures ●  18min

Preview Quiz – 11 questions
Almost vs. Most
Early vs. Quickly vs. Soon
Hard vs. Hardly
Just vs. Only
Still vs. Yet
Review Quiz  – 11 questions

▸ Confusing Nouns ➢   5 lectures ●  16min

Preview Quiz – 10 questions
House vs.Home & Related Vocabulary
Safety vs. Security
Taste vs. Flavor
Travel vs. Trip
Vacation vs. Holiday
Review Quiz – 10 questions

▸ Confusing Prepositions     ➢   7 lectures ●  25min

Preview Quiz – 15 questions
After vs. Later
Among vs. Between
By vs. Until
During vs. For vs. In
During vs. While
For vs. To
In vs. At
Review Quiz – 15 questions

▸ Other Confusing Words     ➢   6 lectures ●  19min

Preview Quiz – 14 questions
Because vs. Because Of
Much vs. Many
Safe vs. Safety vs. Safely
Sick vs. A Cold
So vs. Such
Until & Till vs. Unless
Review Quiz – 14 questions

▸ Other Confusing Phrases     ➢   7 lectures ●  25min

Preview Quiz – 18 questions
Even vs. Even Though vs. Even If
Feel Bad vs. Feel Bad For vs. Poor
Few vs. A Few & Little vs. A Little
Finally vs. In the end
In the end vs. At the end
In Time vs. On time
Stop To Do vs. Stop Doing
Review Quiz – 18 questions

▸ Closing and Bonus Section     ➢   4 lectures ●  9min

Final Lecture
Bonus Lecture: Study Guide eBook & Mp3 Audio files
Bonus Lecture #2 – Seem vs. Suppose
Bonus Lecture
Late vs. Lately & Short vs. Shortly



$49.99     80
% Off

Learn More



$49.99     80% Off




$49.99     80% Off

Learn More



$49.99     80% Off

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